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Eliminate plastic from your hair care routine

By Angeliz Venter I will start this blog post on an honest note and say that I’ve never been brand

Shaving gone eco-friendly!

By Angeliz Venter I will start off this blog by admitting that I hate shaving, any part of my body.

Facial rollers and Gua Sha sets, is it worth the hype?

By Angeliz Venter If you have an Instagram account and spent a few hours online since the start of the

Sustainable armpits!

By Angeliz Venter   As you all know, I have recently found a business in South Africa called Recology and

All about PlantCeuticals

By Angeliz Venter Doesn’t the name ‘PlantCeuticals’ just sound so refreshing and nourishing? That is what I thought when I

This summers’ necessity

By Angeliz Venter I recently wrote a blog about Apicares’ skincare range, especially their products containing Manuka honey. (Read more

Your new make-up essential

By Angeliz Venter For someone who doesn’t wear foundation or make-up very often, because it feels ‘fake’, I was a

Can drinking red wine actually benefit your health?

By Angeliz Venter The first time I got exposed to the idea that drinking red wine might actually be healthy

Ashwagandha, the Indian Ginseng.

By Angeliz Venter If you are anything like me, you have no idea what Ashwagandha is, how to use it

Guilt free laundry days

By Angeliz Venter Edited by Marcelle Jordaan “Having an empty laundry basket is the best 5 seconds of the week”.

Just Matcha, is not “just” matcha!

By Angeliz Venter Edited by Marcelle Jordaan I recently did an Instagram poll to see which of my followers’ drink

Big brands helping consumers take small steps towards sustainability

By Angeliz Venter Editor: Marcelle Jordaan Sustainability is not a one size fits all. Each person’s journey looks different and

Adding Manuka honey into your skin care routine is a game changer!

By Angeliz Venter Editor: Marcelle Jordaan Skincare is the act of caring for your skin by supporting your skins’ integrity,

Let’s talk about Menstrual Cups

By Angeliz Venter Editor: Marcelle Jordaan Until a few years ago, buying pads or tampons from a store was very

Why date night is so important, during and after Covid

By Angeliz Venter Editor: Marcelle Jordaan I think it is safe to say that everyone has felt the effects of

Here is the low down on being Vegan

By Hello Hungry Vegans Editor: Marcelle Jordaan WHAT IS A VEGAN DIET? Those who follow a vegan diet, also called

Sustainable oral care with Simply Bamboo

By Angeliz Venter Editor: Marcelle Jordaan I’ve been looking for affordable ways to be more sustainable and when I stumbled

Why Bombshell collagen is for you

By Megan Skye Editor: Marcelle Jordaan   Bombshell collagen is the fountain of youth, so & drink up so we

A journey of body positivity, confidence, and yoga.

By Chante Dreyer Editor: Marcelle Jordaan I always thought that yoga was reserved for people with a certain body type.

Lashes speak louder than words

By Sanmari Swart Editor: Marcelle Jordaan We all have them, we all love them, but we all wish they could

Is loungewear here to stay?

By Angeliz Venter Editor: Marcelle Jordaan We can all agree that the year 2020 and the changes Covid-19 brought, changed